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Monday, July 20, 2015

Announcement: Dollop of Desiree

Hi All, 

To say that I have been so busy for the first half of the year would be an understatement. I'm very sorry to all of you my dear readers for the lack of posts and I will be making it up to you in a big way. I have some exciting news though, I am officially launching my new website .

The website will be housing my blog from here on and more. Heaps on Fashion, Travel (our recent Euro trip), Motherhood, Home Decor, Recommendations and etc. I will also be featuring my own products on the e-store, Yay! I will likewise have more advertising opportunities for those interested to be site affiliates or sponsors. Come join me and invite your friends too :). 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cartier: The Proposal

Since I am such a girly girl, proposals make me swoon. There's just something about a person professing their love to you in the most spectacular (and often times, public) way. It's still February so we can still indulge in some lovey dovey matters, he, he, he.

Cartier came out with there mini movies about proposals, of course, in the love capital of the world, Paris. One was done in the museum, another in the elevator and my favorite, the airport. The rock courtesy of Cartier is almost blinding as the love. 

Here's Cartier's description: 
Cartier pays tribute to love with "The Proposal", a new ensemble film by Sean Ellis. Three love stories set in the City of Light, three ways to make time stand still and say "I love you".