Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming Soon: Les Miserables

The latest movie adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic "Les Miserables" is set to come out on Christmas. Headlined by Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe, we can be optimistic that they will do the popular 19th century novel justice. Anne seems to deliver a heart wrenching performance as the forlorn Fantine based on the trailer that just came out. Hugh Jackman gets my vote of approval as Valjean. I really can't think of anybody more perfect to play that part, well, other than the other famous Aussie, Russell Crowe, who gets to play Javert. Nothing like the smell of Oscars in the morning. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epic Live Dub Proposal

I am such a hopeless romantic and I love to hear stories of proposals. It just makes me giddy because it's a testament to how much love is alive and all around us. I came across this live dub proposal over the weekend and I was just in awe. There were many family and friends involved. It must have been a magical feeling for the girl. I have to admit, even with the upbeat song from Bruno Mars in the background, I found myself crying tears of joy for this couple. Without further ado, enjoy...

David Beckham for Elle UK

I said it before and I'll say it again, drop dead gorgeous David Beckham is one Alpha male.  It's really not fair for just one person to be that stunning really (LOL). Anyway, I guess I am not alone in this sentiment as he graces the cover of Elle UK. He is the only male to be featured by the magazine to date (Brilliant!). Surely I will be buying the digital version for my iPad. In the mean time, Ladies, feast your eyes...

Monday, May 28, 2012

At the Nu Alpha Mama Maison: Feeling Damask-y

It's cool sometimes how you can change the whole vibe of a room just by changing the curtains. I decided recently that I was going to add black and white damask for our predominantly gold family room. The family room's theme and colors are usually the antithesis of our living room. While the living room is usually bright and sprightly then I lean towards darker hues and a more mature approach with the family room.
Black, White and Gold theme
The family room theme usually spills over the casual dining room area 

Happy 75th Anniversary to Golden Gate Bridge

As a resident of Northern California, I take so much pride of the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Happy 75th Anniversary to one of the most iconic San Francisco landmarks. May you continue to reign mightily over the city and welcome visitors all over the  globe with open arms. 
Here is lil munchkin's first time around the Golden Gate before he turned 1 last year. 

Here's some music from one of SF's premier bands, Train...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fiat 500 by Gucci

Fiat has been making some splash here in the US hat with their employing of Jennifer Lopez as an endorser and also getting some airtime at the most recent Super Bowl showcasing the Abarth. I heard previously that Fiat made a collaboration with Italian design house, Gucci. It was nice to see the Fiat 500 by Gucci in person. It looks very chic and cute. It had Gucci's signature red and green colors recognizable worldwide. The car is very compact and perfect for those who travel light.

Manny Pacquiao Ts from Nike

Manny Pacquiao is truly one of the best athletes from the Philippines. His boxing prowess is world class. Even his endorsements are major. Since his fight with Bradley is coming up, Nike came out with new Ts for the boxing champ. Here are two that I really liked that I saw at Foot Locker.
Ninong means "Godfather" 

Cool and simple 

More Hello Kitty Glasses

Hope everybody is having a nice time with the long weekend. As for moi, I snagged myself a couple more pairs of Hello Kitty glasses today so I'm quite a happy camper.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nu Alpha Mama APP-proved: America's Cup, The Game

San Francisco is gearing up to host the 2013 America's Cup Finals, The Louis Vuitton Cup and America's Cup Challenger Series and it's getting exciting as it gets closer. Everything looked so fantastic at Venice over the weekend and the plans look promising for SF as well.

In the meantime, you can spend the time in between then and now with the America's Cup App available at iTunes.

Calbee San Francisco

We were looking for some snacks whilst perusing shops at the Westfield Center in SF when we came across Calbee SF.
Here are some facts from their website:

Calbee Founder Takashi Matsuo's legacy of creating delicious, nutritious snacks began with his culinary experience of selling candy and caramel before World War II. When he was 18 years old, he came across the phrase "Make sure to achieve one thing that will remain in the world. One person. One achievement." This became the spirit of the Calbee establishment.
Because of the poor health conditions that Japan faced compared to Western countries during that era, Matsuo founded his company based on the premise of good health. Ultimately, this would play a role in the naming of "Calbee"; “Cal" stands for Calcium and the "bee" stands for Vitamin B1 found in his products.
In 1955, Matsuo developed small snack pieces called "arare" in Japanese. Made of flour, the first production of "Kappa Arare" went on sale in Japan. Later on, he found an opportunity to add calcium-rich shrimp into "arare". The idea came from when he saw local fishermen drying shrimp from the Setonaikai Sea. From that point, he started creating his flagship product and as a result, "Kappa Ebisen" was created in 1964.

We liked Teriyaki and Curry flavors 


and more...

cute SF packaging 

variety pack 

small, medium and large 



It's Here: The Great Gatsby Trailer

I've always said that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his time. He is the Susan Lucci of actors for the Oscars, LOL. Seriously though, this California native has mad acting chops. He so deserved to win for the The Aviator for playing the afflicted Howard Hughes. I think he should have won the Academy Award for also Revolutionary Road as one half of the couple who struggles with their era's norms opposite Kate Winslet (fair warning: don't watch the movie if you are feeling morose already). 

Leo is still young but his body of work are the stuff that thespians' dreams are made of. So let's see how he brought his swag to The Great Gatsby along side his good friend, Tobey Maguire. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Nostalgia: Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster was  one of my fave american tv shows when I was kid back in the Philippines. During the age before DVR, I used to wait every week for the new episode. I liked her so much and tried to imitate her so much that some of our relatives started calling me Punky (to which I would get so giddy about). When you think about it though, she actually has a sad story being abandoned by her parents and all. I think it's her resiliency that actually drew me to her character and of course I just loved her colorful outfits (very 80s) as well. 
Her foster father reminded me of my own lolo who was was very caring but stern when needed. 

Ain't she cute?

with her buddy, Brandon 

Here's Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky now 

Steven Tyler for Burger King

It looks like Burger King have been shelling out so much moolah to get A-listers to be on their ads. After David Beckham and Salma Hayek, comes now Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler. I just find this commercial of the 2nd year American Idol judge very entertaining and very him.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Anna Wintour and Colbert

Anna, Vogue Editrix, is amusing as usual in her interview by Colbert to promote the Met's Schiaperelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. The latter held his own quite well with his humor and managed to get himself an interesting conversation with Ms. Wintour. Here is the link

Hello Kitty Coffee Mug

What is not to like with this mug? It's pink, It's huge and It's got Hello Kitty on it. A no-brainer addition to my growing mug collection (hmmmm). 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ca'Momi Enoteca Sweet Treats

Whenever we got to Oxbow Public Market in Napa, the Ca'Momi Enoteca display of pastries just takes our breath away. Let me show you why...

Their cream is so light, fluffy and delicioso

These are not your typical cream puffs 

I am such a sucker for treats in jar (I'm all about packaging says my hubby C)

Have yet to try this, I feel a bit intimidated by the size of it :) 

Lilly Pulitzer and Barnum's Animal Crackers

Before there was Kate Spade, there was the colorful world of Lilly Pulitzer.

From Lilly Pulitzer's website:

What is a 21 year-old girl named Lilly to do after she’s just eloped?
Lilly married Peter Pulitzer and escaped the hustle and bustle of New York City for the sun and sand of Palm Beach? With your husband running the family orange groves, why not start a juice stand?
And that is just what Lilly did back in 1959, but her new business venture soon gave her a closet full of juice-stained clothes. Inspired by the colorful nature of her newly dyed wardrobe, Lilly launched a line of brightly colored shift dresses covered in playful prints. It wasn’t long before her dresses became a hit in all of the country’s most fashionable resort towns, and soon ’60s style icons like Jackie Kennedy were wearing Lilly’s designs.
Fast-forward 50 years, and Lilly Pulitzer prints are still a favorite for all those people that lead colorful lives.

Now they are on their third year of collaboration with Barnum's Animal Crackers with limited edition boxes. Donation will be made for Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity. 

Cool Kids Kicks: Converse Chucks

These kicks from Converse are so hip. I love the flap in the back. Definitely for the cool kids.

My Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everybody had a wonderful time for this Mother's Day. As for me, aside from the fact that sometimes I still can't believe that I belong to this wonderful sisterhood (it's only my sophomore year), I had a blast this weekend with my boys. Since I know that I am very blessed to have my boys (C and Lil munchkin) I honestly couldn't ask for anything more. Being as independent as I am, I also neither ask nor expect any gifts from C but he's gotten so good with surprising me (and generous as well).  So our Mother's day weekend started early on Friday as C and our lil munchkin gave me a countryside treat by going to Napa Valley. 
Started the day early to drive up Napa 

I love that my lil munchkin always want to hold hands in the car 

Breakfast was Model Bakery  English Muffin and a latte from the good folks of Ritual Coffee

What's a visit to the country side without taking home a box from Bouchon (Left is the their version of the Hohos, Right is the best bread pudding ever)

Did some groceries and had some gelato (it was sweltering outside) at Dean and Deluca. Thank God we don't have a  D&D near  our home or  I will go broke for their epicurean items. 

This was a wonderful card from my boys this morning. I super duper loved it (it has a coool sound effect too!)

The Orchids with the shopping bag shaped moss is fantastic. 

My Mother's Day morning greeter and treats giver :)